Diary of a little gray cat: Entry 6

Dear Diary,

I discovered today that I am afraid of deer. Raccoons (for some reason) don't really bother me. Maybe it is because we both have black and gray striped tails. Maybe it's because we are closer in size to each other than I am with the deer. Either way…I don't like deer. I came in this morning in a panic and tried to get Jojy to see what I was so scared of. I jumped up and kinda bit/scratched her arm…she did not like that. But once she realized what I was trying to tell her, she understood. I hope I don't see another one of those for a while.

My people are leaving again and they tell me I will have a "friend" to stay with. I get to meet this friend tomorrow and I am excited to have someone stay with me while they are away. Have a great weekend.



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