One crafty stitch

So I am on a knitting craze! I made a pumpkin hat last weekend and now I'm on to a watermelon. Then strawberry, blackberry, eggplant, lemon, tomato…the possibilities are endless!! I have plans of putting them up on so that I can make enough money to at least cover the expenses of my hobby. I have been using organic cotton yarn and was thinking of marketing them as "organic fruit beanies" (get it?!).


I was also looking into buying an audio-book, but dangit if they aren't really expensive, especially when I have been buying my books on for super cheap! But I was thinking about maximizing my time with the ultimate multi-tasking: I will listen to my book club book (Twilight) on CD/MP3 WHILE knitting! I would get so much done :). Stay tuned for more updates on a possible etsy shop :).



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2 responses to “One crafty stitch

  1. Maya

    I’ll buy a pumpkin from you! 🙂
    And you should try….

  2. missamerika

    Lookin’ good, Jo!!

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