Weekend re-cap: Bears & BBQ

An excellent weekend. Saturday was productive errands, Gordo Burrito, pre-game tailgate and a great game (Go Bears!!).


Sunday started off a bit stressful as it was time for Kirky's annual shots. Those of you who know the story about last year, you know how nervous I was for this time around. I made Matt come this time so we had reinforcements. Turns out I was worked up over nothing (shocking I know, because that's SO not like me :).) I mentioned how the experience was last year and they told me "We have a private room" (read: the bathroom) but still it locked, it was enclosed, it was perfect…and I also thought to myself "Why didn't you tell me this last year??!!"! I went in the "private room" with the vet just to hopefully ease the situation in case he tried to make a run for it, or tried to kill her. I am happy to say that I was a proud mama. Kirky walked out of his little carrier on his own (instead of me having to un-screw the lid and pry him from the thing). He made nice with the vet and took his shots like a fuzzy little man. He was a little tired after but all very normal and Matt seemed to notice that he didn't want to sit down exactly on his little hiney, so he was kinda hovering :). BUT when all is said and done I feel much better that he won't get Rabies, Feline Leukemia, or whatever the 4-in-1 shot helps prevent. And I don't have to have a panic attack for another year. How do mom's take their kids to get shots?! I was a nervous wreck and he's just a cat!!

The day continued with more errands (Target), and an evening BBQ with our favorite people the Lombardo's! Marlene and I took the kids on a quick walk to enjoy the wonderful weather, then had an amazing dinner of BBQ tri-tip, homemade (from scratch) sweet potato biscuits, fried Okra (a 1st for me…and man was it delish), red cabbage cole slaw, and all with Michael's famous homemade BBQ sauce. Superb, absolutely superb! To start Marlene made Tamarind Margaritas (also a 1st for me) they were wonderful and well decorated. She covered the rim with a salt and chile powder mixture,  which paired nicely with the citrus flavor of the drink. The tamarind paste made for a gorgeous dark brown color, mixed with excellent tequila and fresh lime and tangerine juice…we were spoiled for certain! The night carried on and I taught Eva Pearl and Gabe some yoga moves. Downward dog, snake, cat/cow, tree pose, warrior 1 & 2…all comical. My favorite was the tree pose as the balancing on one leg was a bit tricky for an almost 4 year old and an 21 month old. Hilarious! Then a little hide and seek, and after they got all nice and riled up….it was time for us to leave and them to go to bed. Hope they were good about sleeping. Thanks for a great night guys!


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