Labor Day

I think 3-day weekends have to be on my list of Top 5 Favorite things of all time. And this one proved to live up to the high standard. We made a decision last night that we would head up to visit the brewery of one of our favorite beers: Pliny the Elder. So Matt drove us up to Santa Rosa for lunch and beer tasting at the Russian River Brewing Company! We stumbled upon the JoJo sushi bar…and I of course HAD to take a picture! Then we wandered to the brewery and I had a pint each of Pliny the Elder and Redemption, we split a salad for a starter. I had an awesome pizza and Matt had a calzone for the main course. They have the most awesome coasters! One side has the logo, info etc. The other has the words "GONE TO PEE", so funny and will definitely be making an appearance in my Summer Mini Book! We then walked around downtown Santa Rosa a bit and got back in the car to come home. A quick little trip, but it was so nice to get out of town for a bit and to enjoy the wonderful bay area weather!



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