Weekend re-cap: Bears, Friends, & Dona Tomas

Another wonderful weekend! Friday night was spent with Erika & Justin catching up and preparing for a Saturday football game-day. Our sleep was interrupted at 4am with the LOUDEST thunder I have ever heard. I sat straight up in bed and couldn't catch my breath. It set off our neighbors car alarm. I couldn't fall back asleep for a good hour and a half. Erika also couldn't fall back asleep but it was because Justin had convinced her that it was a gunshot :). Saturday was an awesome day at Memorial Stadium with another wonderful Bears victory! A little rain on our tailgate at faculty glade but the Genova sandwiches stayed dry and the Coors Lights were flowing so we were happy tailgaters. After the game we had burritos from our favorite place (Gordo) and went home and played Ticket to Ride and Seafarers of Catan, both fun and awesomely addictive board games.


Sunday morning we said goodbye to Erika & Justin and they got to witness one of Kirky's "kills", a first too…it was a mole (random!). Then Matt and I went to the Dona Tomas 10th anniversary party. We each had a tasty margarita and samples their superb food. It is still hands down my favorite restaurant around. Congrats Dona Tomas!! Cheers to 10 more years of serving great food in Temescal, Oakland!


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