Ok…so I admit I have been lagging with posts lately, sorry my bad. But I have an excuse…it's Tina's fault! :). Not really, it's my book clubs fault. The last book they chose was Twilight, which I finished in record time and am now onto Twilight #2, or The New Moon…can we say obsessed much? Because I am. I have never considered myself a fast reader but I am just flying through these books. I started New Moon on Sunday and I am already on page 355. The stories are just so easy to get hooked on. I admit that I am prone to getting hooked on teeny-bopper books…just ask Jen. I caved into the Harry Potter craze and pre-ordered the last 5 books…and read each one within a week after it's release.

Picture 16

My other reason for the lack of fantastic posts is because my camera sucks. It has finally pooped out and doesn't like to take pictures that are in focus and thus most of the pictures for the past few weeks have been from my iPhone…which is not a decent alternative. I mean don't get me wrong, it's great for a camera phone…but lacking in the camera camera department. So I have been doing research, asking around, and with some generous (early) birthday money I will have a new camera soon so stay tuned for fantastic photos!

I promise I will be better about posting. We are off to Minneapolis on Friday AM to watch the Cal Bears play football, so there will most certainly be many occasions for mobile updated posts!


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