Weekend re-cap: Minneapolis

First off I want to apologize (again) to my readers. This will be the last week (last few days actually) where I won't have nice pictures. The lack of good photography has really put a cramp in my blogging inspiration. I love my iPhone but the camera leaves a little to be desired in the way of good quality photos. Perfect example below. I made the plunge today and purchased a new camera. I have been in the market for a digital SLR and I decided on the Canon Rebel XSI. It's shipping tomorrow and I will hopefully have it on Thursday.

Our weekend was wonderful! We took Friday off work and caught a flight out of San Francisco into the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I admittedly was looking for the big arch as we landed and then realized, that the arch is in St. LOUIS, not St. Paul (whoops) a true Californian's take on the "upper" mid-west. We took the efficient light rail to downtown Minneapolis and walked a few blocks to our hotel, checked in and started to wander around. To our utter surprise the "waterpark" was not just a mid-west term for a swimming pool yet it was ACTUALLY an awesome waterpark. It was a giant train with a slide and a basketball hoop…and there was no height maximum. But there was however a cover charge to get in, even for guests, so the boys decided not to pay to play. For dinner we went to a nearby Irish Pub called Kieran's and had a pint. They had the most clever menu. It was a newspaper called the "Pint View". We met up with friends and went to the Cal bar party, hung out a bit and then called it a night.

Saturday we woke up early and got ready for the game. We hopped in a cab and told the driver to get us as close as possible to the stadium, and he decided to drop us off right smack in the middle of "Frat Row". We were heckled by every house we walked by. But overall they were more or less pretty friendly. The stadium was amazing! So beautiful and brand new, made our Memorial Stadium look a little like a relic. The best part about the stadium was the fact that we won! šŸ™‚ 35-21, and actually a nail biter. Now Cal is ranked 6th in the nation and we're off to a great start, some big games ahead though.

Sunday we slept in a bit, packed up and headed out. We took the light rail to the Mall of America and hung out there for a while before we had to be at the airport for our flights. The only restaurant in the entire mall that we found to have TVs broadcasting the NFL games was Hooters, so we parked there for a few hours. We sampled Pickle Chips and they were actually not too bad. I walked around a bit and was amazed at this mall. First of all it was HUGE. 4 stories tall with roller coasters in the middle. Yes that's right roller coasterS (plural!). There was also a scrapbooking festival, it was kinda comical actually. TONS of vendors and demonstrations about how to scrap. I also have to share my shopping karma. I believe that there are certain times where items are meant to be purchased. For example: I have been searching for J.Crew navy chino shorts, on sale. The store near my house in Oakland no longer carried shorts and the online store only had "burnt orange" and other such undesirable (to me) colors. So I tried the Mall of America. I went in looking specifically for Navy chino shorts in my size. Sale rack…one pair of Navy chino shorts…MY SIZE! AND on sale…it was meant to be. Good shopping karma! šŸ™‚


The flight home was uneventful. I did get a lot of reading done and am now 1/2 way finished with the 3rd Twilight book Eclipse…I'm still hooked :).


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