Ok, so I apologize in advance to my male readers (if I have any) but I just wanted to talk about my awesome new bra :). I received a $10 Victoria's Secret gift card to use during my birthday month, which just so happens to be September! So I figured it was a great time to invest in a new "support" garment. Now, you ladies out there will understand that bra shopping really is a headache. I would say it goes hand in hand with shopping for jeans. You try on 20 pairs just to find one that is juuuuuust right. Well I just so happen to have found a perfect bra! The bad part is that I have no idea what it's called! It's not available online…or so it appears and the tag on the bra doesn't say the style. Hey VS…it would be a good idea to label your products so that people will know how to buy another one, in a different color :). It has two little straps on each side (instead of one solid one) and criss-cross in between the cups. Thin lining, neutral color, plain and simple and not online. So I didn't mean this post to be a tease and I will continue to look for the actual style name, but I do highly recommend the bra. 



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  1. missamerika

    Just got all caught up on yearofjojo. 😉 Hadn’t read since before our vacay.
    Anywho, remind me to tell you about THE BEST bra shopping experience I’ve ever had! It was so great that I even took Nicki back the same night when I was supposed to be packing for Maui! I HIGHLY recommend that everyone pays Aubrey at Roseville Galleria’s Nordstrom a visit – you won’t be disappointed! She’ll make you (and your girls) feel like a million bucks!

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