My day has started off very early 5:30am, and considering that my night was long yesterday because I felt the need to stay up until 11:15pm watching this week's episode of the Biggest Loser (which I didn't quite finish) but I did stay up long enough to see them *spoiler alert* cross the balance beams and get 20 pounds off the group total this week PLUS a call home! This show is such an inspiration and yes I did tear up when they all made it to the "call home" platform, but I'm a sap so it's no big surprise. 

I had physical therapy this morning in San Francisco at 7am and this is my one day a week when I get to indulge in a morning treat. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf :). There are very few locations in San Francisco/Bay Area and it is always such a joy to pick up my cup with the purple straw, take that first sip, and get warm fuzzys inside, I love it that much. My favorite bevo of choice at CBTL is the Tea Latte (vanilla non-fat) and they made it extra special today, just for me, or so I like to believe :)!

Happy Wednesday readers!   


*My camera is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so look forward to some better quality photos!!


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