Getting JETA-crafty

I know it's only Thursday but I'm already getting excited for the weekend. We are heading back up to Sacramento, well to Lincoln actually, for a weekend with my girls! We are doing a JETA* craft day on Saturday. It'll be a Christmas card making/addressing, hat/scarf knitting, scrap-booking, chick-flick watching, baby holding, girlie day! Then we'll watch football (Cal vs. Washington…don't blow it bears!!). I look forward to these days so much and am also looking forward to sitting around all day in my comfy (newly acquired, on sale at Nordy's Rack) Juicy velour pants drinking apple cider and hanging out with my girls!

GetCrafty*JETA=the acronym of our group of friends from high school (yes we made up the name in high school…and it stuck). Joanna, Erika, Tina, Allie! 🙂



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One response to “Getting JETA-crafty

  1. missamerika

    I ❤ you and am sooo excited to spend time with the JeTA Krew! 😉

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