Coughing Raccoons

Ok…so I really don't like raccoons. They are dirty, messy, mean little creatures. If I could kick them I would seriously consider it…but they also scare me=I won't go near them. I don't think I was this opposed to raccoons before we moved to the Oakland hills but now raccoons are a daily occurrence. Today they must have been feeling a bit under the weather because they ate through a bag of Halls cough drops that were on my nightstand. YES, my nightstand! Meaning they were a. inside our house and b. eating any sort of some-what edible anything…did I mention they were inside our house?! 

Picture 5


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One response to “Coughing Raccoons

  1. Ana

    AAAAAAaaaaaaahhhh! Little buggers…they’re evil!! I’ve been saying it for years. Ever since they rounded up a raccoon posse at the Lair and tried to attack me when everyone was bowling and I was stuck in camp sick. Hey, wait, maybe they were after my cough drops…

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