Happy Monday

Happy Monday! I am sitting in the Peets in Pacific Heights waiting for my Dr appointment having a great cup of lemon rose tea and catching up on my google reader items.

I hope you had a good weekend. I had a very busy and productive weekend. Spent some time in Emeryville Saturday running errands with a friend. Visited Ikea. Bought a gardenia plant :). Then Saturday night we went to dinner and to the Cal basketball game with Matt’s mom and uncle Steve and aunt Glenda. A big win from the bears over USC. Made even better by the news that USC is losing their football coach. Wah wah! I just think it is lame of him to bail after one disappointing season. But then again I guess money talks. Just not a good role model for the kids on the team. And now that all the s*** is hitting the fan for USC and their sketchy behavior he just runs away and won’t get in trouble for any of it. Lame.

Anyways. Sunday was a long and fullfilling day. I headed into SF to return something at Nordstroms. Then went to the gym for a great workout. I had a great session on the elliptical and solo spin bike workout=me alone in the spin studio rocking out to my own tunes and spinning away. It was so great being at my gym with no students. On an empty Sunday afternoon. Then I came home and got ready for game night.

My friend and co-worker Mindy graciously hosted a group of friends at her Montclair apartment for pizza and game night. We played a fun game of Taboo had good pizza and wine. What a great end to a great weekend. Thanks Mindy.

What did you do this weekend?

Happy Monday


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