Project 365

Ok, I have discovered a new app Project 365 (thanks to elise…who also happens to be one of my favorite bloggers). It basically does what I set out to do with this blog (about 300 days ago). It sets up a picture a day and I can also write a small blurb about my day. So here is what I've got so far this month. I only missed one day so far. Happy January!


So this is my month. My new workout obsession The Dailey Method. An early morning trip to The City for a Dr. appointment. Super Mario Brothers, on Super Nintendo. Book club, read "The Road"…made an armageddon packing list. Funny pictures of our cat Kirky. Rain, rain and more rain. Sharks game with the parents. The worst traffic home ever! Tutoring with Reading Partners. Finally, a much deserved CupKate today after a few days of an annoying head cold my double vanilla just hit the spot.


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