Baby shower for Tina: Invitations

Hellooooo…let me tell you: Life. Has. Been. BUSY. Wow. But more on that later.

This post is about the baby shower that I’m planning for one of my best, and oldest friends. Mrs. Tina is pregnant…with a boy…due in July!! I have the great pleasure of planning her baby shower. I am not unleashing all the secrets today (at this point I think I have actually told her all the secrets, or she has figured them out). But still…I don’t need to post the photos yet, give something to look forward to.

What I am posting today are the images of the invitations. I have had these on my external hard drive for maybe a month…I got really excited right off the bat so I had these ordered and pretty much assembled WAY early :). They went in the mail yesterday. Hope the mom-to-be got her’s already :).



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3 responses to “Baby shower for Tina: Invitations

  1. Ali

    These are great!!

  2. Ana

    Your favorite – baker’s twine!! Cute 🙂

  3. Kim

    SO CUTE!

    And yes, my comment needed all caps – that’s how much I love this!

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