Lots going on

Hello blog world! It’s me :)…remember me? It’s been a while…actually it’s been a LONG while. Where the heck has this year gone? Seriously!!

Things that have happened since my last post…well let’s see, where to start. So summer came and went, and football season started (and ended…poorly, sad for the Cal Bears). We went to FOUR weddings. I turned 30 (GASP)…and here’s a fun photo from my BBQ. It was a record high that day in September…90 degrees in Oakland…so warm! But so fun! I ordered my favorite local CupKates for my friends, and we BBQ’d and drank beer and played Corn Hole, and enjoyed the warm weather! It was a wonderfully perfect day. The “necklace” has been passed around my group of friends for the last 3 or so years. We get to wear it on our birthday then we have to sign and date the back and pass it on to the next recipient. It’s such a fun tradition and I am so happy to have joined the 30 Club!!!

I bought a new car…a 2010 Prius. Her name is Petunia the Prius, and I love her! Which means that I sold my old car. My Ford Escape, Dory (Finding Nemo reference…”ooh Esssscappp-ay”). It was hard to see her go, but the right time for me to get a new (more fuel efficient) car and I am so so happy.

One of my very best friends (and bridesmaid) had a baby in July here is a photo of Alex from the day he was born

…and one from a week ago in a hat I made him. He’s SO CUTE!!!

I went to New York for a week in September (for work) but was able to stay with my best friend (and maid/maitron-of honor) Brittany who was 5 weeks away from giving birth to her first baby so it was wonderful to get to feel her kick. Daughter Avery was born on November 7, and I have another trip planned to NYC in February and I CANNOT wait to meet her!!

I went to Peru in October for work and got to hike around Machu Picchu, take a boat ride on Lake Titicaca. And got a nasty nasty stomach bug…pretty standard trip to Peru. It was an amazing trip, such fantastic people and such a beautiful country.

I finished up my Graduate Certificate program at UC Berkeley Extension last week. I have been taking classes for the last three years, and it felt so good to finish it up and add it to my resume. πŸ™‚

During all this, I have also been planning a wedding! πŸ™‚

Matt and I got a lot done towards wedding planning. And dare I say that we have all our vendors set already?! πŸ™‚

We also just sent out the save-the-dates…which was such a fun project. I had searched a lot of online sites looking for the right card and none really stood out to me. I wanted to do something personal. So I decided to make them myself…from scratch :). I took photos from our engagement shoot and played around with them in Photoshop. Our date is written in chalk marker on a camp dining hall tray from the Lair of the Bear, a very special place to us, and also the location of our engagement shoot!

I uploaded the finalized JPG image to the Costco {my favorite store} Photo Center and went a day later and picked up the final product!

I bought printable labels at my other favorite store Paper Source and used those to print all the nitty gritty details (website and location). The date and our names were designed onto the Photoshop image saving space on the label. And placed the labels on the bottom of the photo.

I used my favorite craft accessory blue and white bakers twine to “tie-the-knot” around the photo

and secured it with a yellow dot sticker on the back of the photo. (I bought a huge roll of these yellow dots in the sale bin at Paper Source…I’m sure they will make an appearance again!

I also used Navy blue cover weight card stock (from Paper Source) to back the photo to give it some weight, and stamped a “Save the Date” with Sky Blue Color Box ink. {Both bought at Michael’s Craft Store}.

I used {a lot} of Scotch Tape Runner (and refills)Β to adhere the photo to the cardstock. Then I used a corner rounder from Michael’s Craft Store to round the edges…and voila!

{*I left off the label in this photo…trying to reserve some privacy :)}

I used Curry A7 envelopes from…guess where…that I found on sale. I stamped the front with a Mr & Mrs stamp in the return address spot. Used our Fling return address stamp on the back, that I bought from Paperwink. And I bought these adorable “Celebrate” stamps that match the color of the envelope. I hand addressed them all and sent them on their way :).

Here is a view of all the supplies I used…

And the stack of finished save-the-dates…because photos are fun!

I think the hardest part of the wedding planning process has been the guest list. We are under budget and venue restrictions to keep our final count low so it’s always hard trying to figure out how to keep the numbers down. I just hope that those who weren’t invited understand.

Now we are wrapping up things around work, and are so lucky to get some time off around the holidays. Friday is my last day in the office this year and I have a full 2 weeks off (thank you vacation days). 2011 is going to be a big year. More updates soon!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog.. to add.. that is a beautiful “save the day” box…

    You seemed so happy…

    Thanks for sharing this experience to us.

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