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Baby Shower Images

I wasn’t able to take that many pictures but wanted to post the ones that I did take. We had such a great Sunday afternoon (at the end of May), wonderful food, fun decorations, and Tina got some great gifts for Baby Alex.


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Getting JETA-crafty

I know it's only Thursday but I'm already getting excited for the weekend. We are heading back up to Sacramento, well to Lincoln actually, for a weekend with my girls! We are doing a JETA* craft day on Saturday. It'll be a Christmas card making/addressing, hat/scarf knitting, scrap-booking, chick-flick watching, baby holding, girlie day! Then we'll watch football (Cal vs. Washington…don't blow it bears!!). I look forward to these days so much and am also looking forward to sitting around all day in my comfy (newly acquired, on sale at Nordy's Rack) Juicy velour pants drinking apple cider and hanging out with my girls!

GetCrafty*JETA=the acronym of our group of friends from high school (yes we made up the name in high school…and it stuck). Joanna, Erika, Tina, Allie! 🙂


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Halloween work party

I love my co-workers! Some super creative costumes, fun food and a bloody mary bar :). I dressed up at Rosie the Riveter (the poster). Erin brought her almost 3 week old son Carson, they dressed as a family of pumpkins…and the little man is a thumb-sucker…at 3 weeks old, so stinking cute!!

Happy Halloween!!!


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Happy Busy Weekend (Oct 17/18)

Ok…so I realize that I have been missing in action blogwise this month. Thank you to those people who are still reading. It has been a whirlwind of an October with work and personal life after work, and weekends…phew. To back date a little bit, I have started with the weekend that I really started using my camera.

This weekend we celebrated Kenny's birthday at Shen Hua in Elmwood and then followed up with drinks at Ben & Nicks in Rockridge.  Then on Sunday we went over to Bob & Christy's house for a wonderful dinner. The kids dressed up in the various Halloween costumes so we had a lovely meal with a spider and a tiger.


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Sactown, the Bay Area and back down

What a whirlwind weekend! Friday night Matt took me to dinner at Pizzaiolo for a belated birthday dinner. One word, AMAZING!! We have always walked past it on the way to Dona Tomas and had heard great things. We were so excited about our meal, every last bite of it. We had a four course meal at Pizzaiolo, but started our meal off at Dona Tomas where we had drinks and chips & salsa. Our starter was an Heirloom tomato salad with beans, then we split a rigatoni with braised pork ragu, followed by a pizza margherita, and then finished with the bread pudding with huckleberry sauce. Everything was so good that I was having moments where I swore I was back living in Tuscany.

Saturday I went up to the Vacaville outlets for some (very) early christmas shopping, and a little personal shopping as well, I couldn't help the HUGE sale at the Gap Outlet. Then I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Then was the big reason I went up to Sacramento…to watch Twilight (the movie). Tina and I made dinner…correction, Tina made dinner, I made dessert and we watched Twilight. It was a great girls night in, and the movie was about what I was expecting. Fun to see the book on screen, but some really cheesy parts (like when Bella hops on Edwards back and he runs up the hill…I laughed out loud.)  

Sunday we went to brunch at R15, and then I went over and hung out with the Broyles at Scott's Seafood on the river and celebrated an impromptu 6 month birthday party for Barrett. We took the boat back to their house and played a few rounds of Mafia. Then I headed up to Placerville for a wonderful dinner with Matt and Donna (his mom). And I got to meet the newest addition to the family…Lulu. She is an 8-week old Australian Shepherd, and is absolutely adorable, so cudly and mellow (at times). She loves chewing on, licking, and chasing feet :). After I tore myself away from puppy cudling time, I made it back to Oakland around 11:30pm…phew…a long weekend, but a great one. Now onto an equally long week, with lots of fun stuff planned for the non-working hours. 


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Michael Pollan

Tonight my friend Debbie and I are going to dinner and then going to hear Michael Pollan speak on campus here at UC Berkeley. I am part of the way finished with Omnivore's Dilemma (I know a few years behind schedule) and I am very excited to hear what Mr. Pollan has to say. And also excited for a fun night with Debbie!


*Still trying to figure out the camera, need to get a case as well so I can start taking it out of the house. I'm excited already about the potential for awesomeness.

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My day has started off very early 5:30am, and considering that my night was long yesterday because I felt the need to stay up until 11:15pm watching this week's episode of the Biggest Loser (which I didn't quite finish) but I did stay up long enough to see them *spoiler alert* cross the balance beams and get 20 pounds off the group total this week PLUS a call home! This show is such an inspiration and yes I did tear up when they all made it to the "call home" platform, but I'm a sap so it's no big surprise. 

I had physical therapy this morning in San Francisco at 7am and this is my one day a week when I get to indulge in a morning treat. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf :). There are very few locations in San Francisco/Bay Area and it is always such a joy to pick up my cup with the purple straw, take that first sip, and get warm fuzzys inside, I love it that much. My favorite bevo of choice at CBTL is the Tea Latte (vanilla non-fat) and they made it extra special today, just for me, or so I like to believe :)!

Happy Wednesday readers!   


*My camera is scheduled to arrive tomorrow so look forward to some better quality photos!!

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