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Molly & Ben’s Wedding

Such a beautiful, fun wedding. Check it out…

Their bulldog Tank was the ring bearer:

Molly and her dad:

Super sweet Ice luge…pouring So Co & lime shooters in mini-martini glasses…fancy:

And the final awesomeness…In-N-Out midnight snack:


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Coughing Raccoons

Ok…so I really don't like raccoons. They are dirty, messy, mean little creatures. If I could kick them I would seriously consider it…but they also scare me=I won't go near them. I don't think I was this opposed to raccoons before we moved to the Oakland hills but now raccoons are a daily occurrence. Today they must have been feeling a bit under the weather because they ate through a bag of Halls cough drops that were on my nightstand. YES, my nightstand! Meaning they were a. inside our house and b. eating any sort of some-what edible anything…did I mention they were inside our house?! 

Picture 5

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Settling in

I'm back from France :). Arrived home Wednesday night, Matt picked me up at the airport and I've been trying to adjust back to California time, and I think I finally have gotten over my jet lag. We had a great trip. A wonderful group of people, weather was cold but beautiful most days. I got some good knitting done while I was away too. For anyone who wants to order any handmade Christmas gifts, let me know and I'd be happy to work with you. Some pictures from the trip are below here.

Yesterday was the last Cal football home game and it ended up being an awesome win for the Bears!! Wasn't so sure there for a while but they dug deep and pulled out a victory, thank goodness! We had a great tailgate ahead of time on Faculty glade. Matt bought an EZ Grill…actually 30 (it's a long story), we brought one and BBQ'd Top Dogs and had great snacks and even better company.

Today is starting out to be a wonderfully lazy Sunday. I just watched Twilight (again) and am preparing for the New Moon premiere on Friday. I bought my ticket on Fandango and am going to take the train up to Sacramento and see it with my 2 best girl friends…make a night of it. Can't wait!! Today Matt said I'm like a 14 year old girl with my obsession with this book series, and now the movies…can't say I disagree with him. I am going to head over to Paper Source here in a bit for their Make & Take event. I'll get to learn how to make some neat Christmas decorations, wrapping hints etc…looking forward to it! 


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CupKates Truck – Berkeley

I had my first taste of one of CupKate's cupcakes and man oh man were they amazingly fantastic! I sampled the Double Vanilla and the frosting was out of this world delicious! I am also super intrigued by the marketing that she is doing (since I am working towards my graduate certificate in Marketing). She is a one woman show and drives around the near East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland) and Tweets (Twits…whatever the word is) and Facebook posts about her location and the fans come out. It is such a unique and interesting marketing plan and it seems to be working well for her. Keep it up Kate, you have a great product and an awesome way of getting it to people, thanks for bringing it to Berkeley!


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Salsa Chicken

It's salsa + chicken + crock pot = super easy, awesomely tasty meal!

Frozen chicken breasts (right out of the freezer), insert into crockpot. Add jar of salsa (for 4 chicken breasts I use one 24 oz. jar of Sunny Select Southwest Roasted Garlic Salsa). Turn crock pot on low for 8'ish hours. Then use 2 forks to shread up the chicken. Serve on whatever you like, burrito, taco, salad, mix it with eggs. SO EASY and so yummy! This is my quick cooking tip of the day!


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Wonderment Wednesdays

For Today> Going to see Harry Potter 6 (finally!!), and out to dinner with my good friend J-Wa!

Outside my window> It's dark…which has been my answer the last few weeks because I post my blogs so late at night!

I am thinking> This is an awesome quote: "If you're not scraped and bruised, you haven't been outside playing." from For Love or Funny

I am thankful for> A flexible work schedule that let me start work at 8am and leave at 4pm to make the 5:10pm movie.

From the kitchen> Nothing from my own kitchen, we went out to lunch for Jackie's birthday at work and out to dinner at Chilli's with Jen.

I am wearing> Skinny jeans, gray flowy tank top, corduroy jacket and my "New York" shoes as Jen called them, because I bought them in New York. Simple Nine West kitten heel shoes.

I am hoping> To fall asleep quickly and get a good night sleep after going to bed late.

I am creating> A Google Reader page, and loving it!! It helps me keep track of all the blogs I follow.

Around the house> Laundry to fold, pile to put away (always), bag to pack for this weekend, Lair stuff to get ready for NEXT weekend/week…the countdown begins until vacation!

One of my favorite things> Post-it notes, so much so that I ordered my own personalized post-its from

A few plans for the rest of the week> Tomorrow I'm going to try a Dailey Method class! Then we're off to Lincoln/Placerville/Sacramento for the weekend…yay hot hot heat!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you> …did I mention I love post-its?

Jojo Post-its

*from the last day in my old office at work…my co-workers know me so well (2007)

*inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook

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