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We had a fun night Saturday. We got to go trick-or-treating with the kids and hang out with Michael & Marlene. Eva Pearl went as a little mermaid, with an adorable fin. Gabe, wasn't really feeling the whole costume thing which was totally fine, he was having a good time. The other kids were fairy princess, a regular princesses, G.I. Joe…and my favorite a Peacock!! Good friends, good candy, good times!




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Sactown, the Bay Area and back down

What a whirlwind weekend! Friday night Matt took me to dinner at Pizzaiolo for a belated birthday dinner. One word, AMAZING!! We have always walked past it on the way to Dona Tomas and had heard great things. We were so excited about our meal, every last bite of it. We had a four course meal at Pizzaiolo, but started our meal off at Dona Tomas where we had drinks and chips & salsa. Our starter was an Heirloom tomato salad with beans, then we split a rigatoni with braised pork ragu, followed by a pizza margherita, and then finished with the bread pudding with huckleberry sauce. Everything was so good that I was having moments where I swore I was back living in Tuscany.

Saturday I went up to the Vacaville outlets for some (very) early christmas shopping, and a little personal shopping as well, I couldn't help the HUGE sale at the Gap Outlet. Then I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Then was the big reason I went up to Sacramento…to watch Twilight (the movie). Tina and I made dinner…correction, Tina made dinner, I made dessert and we watched Twilight. It was a great girls night in, and the movie was about what I was expecting. Fun to see the book on screen, but some really cheesy parts (like when Bella hops on Edwards back and he runs up the hill…I laughed out loud.)  

Sunday we went to brunch at R15, and then I went over and hung out with the Broyles at Scott's Seafood on the river and celebrated an impromptu 6 month birthday party for Barrett. We took the boat back to their house and played a few rounds of Mafia. Then I headed up to Placerville for a wonderful dinner with Matt and Donna (his mom). And I got to meet the newest addition to the family…Lulu. She is an 8-week old Australian Shepherd, and is absolutely adorable, so cudly and mellow (at times). She loves chewing on, licking, and chasing feet :). After I tore myself away from puppy cudling time, I made it back to Oakland around 11:30pm…phew…a long weekend, but a great one. Now onto an equally long week, with lots of fun stuff planned for the non-working hours. 


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Catching up

So my posts have been somewhat sporadic the past few weeks. But I do have my new camera now and am trying to figure out all the settings. Here are a few photos that I have taken. My birthday was last weekend, September 26…I turned 29 (woo hoo!). We were up at the Lair for the 60th ex-staff reunion. It was a great place to celebrate my birthday. We had great weather and I was able to catch up with a bunch of old friends. Matt also got me a wonderful birthday present, my first diamond anything :). A pair of diamond stud earrings. I am a happy girl. If anyone is looking for wonderful jewelry check out Pave in Berkeley, ask for Marlene :). 


Great news, Friday my brother moved down to the Bay Area from Sacramento. We went down to Mountain View on Friday night and helped un-pack and went to dinner. It was a great Friday night. Saturday was the Cal vs. USC football game, darn those bears. We blew it again, there goes the season. Matt was feeling spontaneous and bought me a bear hat…pictures above. Sunday was spent around the house, I started to come down with a cold so we were just laying low, cleaning and getting ready for the week. By the time Monday rolled around, my cold was getting a bit worse so I stayed home and also today as I'm feeling much worse…typical cold though. Stuffy nose, sore throat, achy…love flu season :(. I'm resting up and will hopefully start feeling better soon.


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Weekend re-cap: Minneapolis

First off I want to apologize (again) to my readers. This will be the last week (last few days actually) where I won't have nice pictures. The lack of good photography has really put a cramp in my blogging inspiration. I love my iPhone but the camera leaves a little to be desired in the way of good quality photos. Perfect example below. I made the plunge today and purchased a new camera. I have been in the market for a digital SLR and I decided on the Canon Rebel XSI. It's shipping tomorrow and I will hopefully have it on Thursday.

Our weekend was wonderful! We took Friday off work and caught a flight out of San Francisco into the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. I admittedly was looking for the big arch as we landed and then realized, that the arch is in St. LOUIS, not St. Paul (whoops) a true Californian's take on the "upper" mid-west. We took the efficient light rail to downtown Minneapolis and walked a few blocks to our hotel, checked in and started to wander around. To our utter surprise the "waterpark" was not just a mid-west term for a swimming pool yet it was ACTUALLY an awesome waterpark. It was a giant train with a slide and a basketball hoop…and there was no height maximum. But there was however a cover charge to get in, even for guests, so the boys decided not to pay to play. For dinner we went to a nearby Irish Pub called Kieran's and had a pint. They had the most clever menu. It was a newspaper called the "Pint View". We met up with friends and went to the Cal bar party, hung out a bit and then called it a night.

Saturday we woke up early and got ready for the game. We hopped in a cab and told the driver to get us as close as possible to the stadium, and he decided to drop us off right smack in the middle of "Frat Row". We were heckled by every house we walked by. But overall they were more or less pretty friendly. The stadium was amazing! So beautiful and brand new, made our Memorial Stadium look a little like a relic. The best part about the stadium was the fact that we won! 🙂 35-21, and actually a nail biter. Now Cal is ranked 6th in the nation and we're off to a great start, some big games ahead though.

Sunday we slept in a bit, packed up and headed out. We took the light rail to the Mall of America and hung out there for a while before we had to be at the airport for our flights. The only restaurant in the entire mall that we found to have TVs broadcasting the NFL games was Hooters, so we parked there for a few hours. We sampled Pickle Chips and they were actually not too bad. I walked around a bit and was amazed at this mall. First of all it was HUGE. 4 stories tall with roller coasters in the middle. Yes that's right roller coasterS (plural!). There was also a scrapbooking festival, it was kinda comical actually. TONS of vendors and demonstrations about how to scrap. I also have to share my shopping karma. I believe that there are certain times where items are meant to be purchased. For example: I have been searching for J.Crew navy chino shorts, on sale. The store near my house in Oakland no longer carried shorts and the online store only had "burnt orange" and other such undesirable (to me) colors. So I tried the Mall of America. I went in looking specifically for Navy chino shorts in my size. Sale rack…one pair of Navy chino shorts…MY SIZE! AND on sale…it was meant to be. Good shopping karma! 🙂


The flight home was uneventful. I did get a lot of reading done and am now 1/2 way finished with the 3rd Twilight book Eclipse…I'm still hooked :).

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Weekend re-cap: Bears, Friends, & Dona Tomas

Another wonderful weekend! Friday night was spent with Erika & Justin catching up and preparing for a Saturday football game-day. Our sleep was interrupted at 4am with the LOUDEST thunder I have ever heard. I sat straight up in bed and couldn't catch my breath. It set off our neighbors car alarm. I couldn't fall back asleep for a good hour and a half. Erika also couldn't fall back asleep but it was because Justin had convinced her that it was a gunshot :). Saturday was an awesome day at Memorial Stadium with another wonderful Bears victory! A little rain on our tailgate at faculty glade but the Genova sandwiches stayed dry and the Coors Lights were flowing so we were happy tailgaters. After the game we had burritos from our favorite place (Gordo) and went home and played Ticket to Ride and Seafarers of Catan, both fun and awesomely addictive board games.


Sunday morning we said goodbye to Erika & Justin and they got to witness one of Kirky's "kills", a first too…it was a mole (random!). Then Matt and I went to the Dona Tomas 10th anniversary party. We each had a tasty margarita and samples their superb food. It is still hands down my favorite restaurant around. Congrats Dona Tomas!! Cheers to 10 more years of serving great food in Temescal, Oakland!

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Weekend re-cap: Bears & BBQ

An excellent weekend. Saturday was productive errands, Gordo Burrito, pre-game tailgate and a great game (Go Bears!!).


Sunday started off a bit stressful as it was time for Kirky's annual shots. Those of you who know the story about last year, you know how nervous I was for this time around. I made Matt come this time so we had reinforcements. Turns out I was worked up over nothing (shocking I know, because that's SO not like me :).) I mentioned how the experience was last year and they told me "We have a private room" (read: the bathroom) but still it locked, it was enclosed, it was perfect…and I also thought to myself "Why didn't you tell me this last year??!!"! I went in the "private room" with the vet just to hopefully ease the situation in case he tried to make a run for it, or tried to kill her. I am happy to say that I was a proud mama. Kirky walked out of his little carrier on his own (instead of me having to un-screw the lid and pry him from the thing). He made nice with the vet and took his shots like a fuzzy little man. He was a little tired after but all very normal and Matt seemed to notice that he didn't want to sit down exactly on his little hiney, so he was kinda hovering :). BUT when all is said and done I feel much better that he won't get Rabies, Feline Leukemia, or whatever the 4-in-1 shot helps prevent. And I don't have to have a panic attack for another year. How do mom's take their kids to get shots?! I was a nervous wreck and he's just a cat!!

The day continued with more errands (Target), and an evening BBQ with our favorite people the Lombardo's! Marlene and I took the kids on a quick walk to enjoy the wonderful weather, then had an amazing dinner of BBQ tri-tip, homemade (from scratch) sweet potato biscuits, fried Okra (a 1st for me…and man was it delish), red cabbage cole slaw, and all with Michael's famous homemade BBQ sauce. Superb, absolutely superb! To start Marlene made Tamarind Margaritas (also a 1st for me) they were wonderful and well decorated. She covered the rim with a salt and chile powder mixture,  which paired nicely with the citrus flavor of the drink. The tamarind paste made for a gorgeous dark brown color, mixed with excellent tequila and fresh lime and tangerine juice…we were spoiled for certain! The night carried on and I taught Eva Pearl and Gabe some yoga moves. Downward dog, snake, cat/cow, tree pose, warrior 1 & 2…all comical. My favorite was the tree pose as the balancing on one leg was a bit tricky for an almost 4 year old and an 21 month old. Hilarious! Then a little hide and seek, and after they got all nice and riled up….it was time for us to leave and them to go to bed. Hope they were good about sleeping. Thanks for a great night guys!

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Weekend re-cap: Apartment hunting, baby shower & movie (oh my)

What a great weekend! Saturday was hotter than…well you know. If we lived in a place where air conditioning was a standard household amenity then it probably wouldn't be that bad but when it gets over 90 degrees here in Oakland it's pretty dang hot. Luckily we were in an air conditioned car all day driving down to the San Jose/South Bay Area apartment hunting with my brother who is moving down here (YAY!!). We also made a necessary stop at 7-Eleven for slurpees…mmm slurpees! And also swung by the house that Pat and I grew up in from 1980-1989 (I remember telling my friends that we were moving because we didn't like earthquakes, we coincidentally moved 2 months after the "Great Quake" of 1989).


Sunday I had a baby shower in the morning-early afternoon which was so much fun! Erin left with a ton of great baby stuff and we were able to nosh on a burrito bar and an adorable hand made cake. I was also very proud of my "baby bushel":

*Sorry your head got cut off Erin!!

After the baby shower Matt and I went on a matinee date to see the (most amazing) movie 500 Days of Summer. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! It was so touching, laugh out loud, almost kinda cried. They claim that it isn't a love story, which it isn't…but it also is in a way. Intrigued? Go see it!!

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