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Baby shower for Tina: Invitations

Hellooooo…let me tell you: Life. Has. Been. BUSY. Wow. But more on that later.

This post is about the baby shower that I’m planning for one of my best, and oldest friends. Mrs. Tina is pregnant…with a boy…due in July!! I have the great pleasure of planning her baby shower. I am not unleashing all the secrets today (at this point I think I have actually told her all the secrets, or she has figured them out). But still…I don’t need to post the photos yet, give something to look forward to.

What I am posting today are the images of the invitations. I have had these on my external hard drive for maybe a month…I got really excited right off the bat so I had these ordered and pretty much assembled WAY early :). They went in the mail yesterday. Hope the mom-to-be got her’s already :).



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Weekend re-cap: Apartment hunting, baby shower & movie (oh my)

What a great weekend! Saturday was hotter than…well you know. If we lived in a place where air conditioning was a standard household amenity then it probably wouldn't be that bad but when it gets over 90 degrees here in Oakland it's pretty dang hot. Luckily we were in an air conditioned car all day driving down to the San Jose/South Bay Area apartment hunting with my brother who is moving down here (YAY!!). We also made a necessary stop at 7-Eleven for slurpees…mmm slurpees! And also swung by the house that Pat and I grew up in from 1980-1989 (I remember telling my friends that we were moving because we didn't like earthquakes, we coincidentally moved 2 months after the "Great Quake" of 1989).


Sunday I had a baby shower in the morning-early afternoon which was so much fun! Erin left with a ton of great baby stuff and we were able to nosh on a burrito bar and an adorable hand made cake. I was also very proud of my "baby bushel":

*Sorry your head got cut off Erin!!

After the baby shower Matt and I went on a matinee date to see the (most amazing) movie 500 Days of Summer. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE! It was so touching, laugh out loud, almost kinda cried. They claim that it isn't a love story, which it isn't…but it also is in a way. Intrigued? Go see it!!

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