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Baby shower for Tina: Invitations

Hellooooo…let me tell you: Life. Has. Been. BUSY. Wow. But more on that later.

This post is about the baby shower that I’m planning for one of my best, and oldest friends. Mrs. Tina is pregnant…with a boy…due in July!! I have the great pleasure of planning her baby shower. I am not unleashing all the secrets today (at this point I think I have actually told her all the secrets, or she has figured them out). But still…I don’t need to post the photos yet, give something to look forward to.

What I am posting today are the images of the invitations. I have had these on my external hard drive for maybe a month…I got really excited right off the bat so I had these ordered and pretty much assembled WAY early :). They went in the mail yesterday. Hope the mom-to-be got her’s already :).



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Weekend re-cap: Baby Shower

Another great weekend. Less relaxing than most but lots of important stuff is happening and we're running out of summer to get it all done! We headed up to the Sacramento area this weekend. To Lincoln Friday night to help Erika get ready for the baby shower to be held in honor of first time mother-to-be Allie. There were chocolate lollipops to make, as well as chocolate dipped marshmallows with sprinkles. Not to mention all the other perfectly wonderful and thoughtful details that Miss. Am-Erika is famous for :). See the water bottles, diaper cake & Jacob Douglas garland? Notice how they are all the same pattern? My amazing friend color-copied the receiving blankets from the cake and cut out strips to use to cover the mini water bottles, and also cut out circles to use for the garland, alternating between the green gingham and the safari print…HOW CUTE (and creative) IS THAT?! Erika, you are my favorite, love you!!


My favorite gift? The Juicy Couture diaper bag!! Functional yet also quite fashionable, my favorite combo.

After the baby shower Matt and I went to Placerville for an awesome wine pairing dinner sponsored by the Auriga Winery. It was such a wonderful night sitting out on a brick patio having great food, wonderful wine and fantastic company. 

Sunday we had brunch at Matt's mom's house then cruised down to Sacramento and had a late lunch/snacks with my parents and brother. The best news from the weekend is that my little brother will be moving down to the Bay Area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Did I get enough ! in there?) I am so so so excited! The details are still in the works but if all goes according to plan he'll be down "here" in about a month, exact location TBD but we have a good idea :). I love you little bro and am so excited to have you close by!


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